Book Fair

Literati Book Fair Coming to Freedom! 

Freedom will host a NEW Book Fair! We are excited to welcome you to the Literati Book Fair. 

The online BOOK FAIR begins on January 30th. 

The in-person BOOK FAIR begins February 27th and ends March 3rd. 

PARENT ONLY shopping can be done on February 28th from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM.

FAMILY NIGHT shopping will be February 27th -February 28th from 3:35 PM-5:45 PM.


Parents be aware  there are no refunds on gift cards for money left over so if their child has a few cents left on their gift card the library will either donate it to the library to purchase a book at end of the fair OR donate the cents to a child who is a few cents short. If there is a dollar or more it can be saved and used on the next Literati book fair. 


Use Jan. 30!  This is when the online fair begins. Click here for LINK


Parents can buy a gift card for teachers!